Bæredygtighed, hvad er det egentlig?

Thomas Kristensen
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Bæredygtighed, hvad er det egentlig?

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At vi skal passer på hinanden og kloden, står nok klart for de fleste af os, men hvad forstås der egentlig ved at være bæredygtig?
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"wedi på vej i den rigtige retning." https://www.wedi.de/dk/wedi/engagement- ... inability/

Sustainability is a big concept. In this brochure we would like to show what it means in concrete terms for wedi.
wedi never loses sight of people and their wishes for a future with a high quality of life in an intact environment. We understand sustainability
as reconciling the needs and demands of people today with thoseof future generations.

Sustainability is something which constantly needs to be worked on. Only when we are successful in combining doing business with protecting
people and the natural environment will we achieve sustainable success. As a medium-sized family-run business it is in our own best
business interest to be sustainable. However, this does not automatically make us sustainable by any means.

As my father founded the company in 1983, he made sustainability a cornerstone idea of the company‘s philosophy: wedi delivers practically-
relevant ideas which help our customers to be successful in the long-term. When providing these ideas, technical experience, awareness
of the customers‘ wishes and an accurate assessment of future factors during the building process are essential.

Sustainable building is one such important factor which can appreciably relieve the burden on environment through concrete solutions.
Energy efficiency and a sparing use of resources, but also age-appropriate and barrier-free living are also important goals for wedi. We
follow these goals consistently and provide all involved in the building process with the optimised solutions: building contractors, planners,
commercial suppliers and tradesmen.

The new challenge is to provide solutions for all which not only meet the customer‘s wishes but are also in keeping with the responsibility
to deliver sustainability - solutions that make sense for everyone. We focus on this together with our professional partners. Together with
our committed workforce, I am convinced: wedi is going in the right direction.

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